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IMG_0415Just winding down after a lovely sunny day. I did spend more time inside than planned but it was for good reason — helping Isaiah create some promotional materials so that he can get work now that he is to be a Brooklyn resident. He’s got a wesite in the works and that has been a lot of fun and good learning for me. Got outside to do some weeding in the flower beds. Even got a little sun. Shopped for groceries for my dad. Played my accordion a lot. Learning two new songs — both with lyrics. Helped Bernard move the last things from his office to the house. He is a retired person now. Pretty cool for him. And finally dinner — corn from Montgomery place, grilled patty pans and string beans from the garden, potatoes, onion and squash from the CSA. And some fresh perch steamed with just picked herbs. Yum. Maybe I’ll play a little more accordion before calling it a day — a sweet day.


Welcome to my blog: Cadence

In music, rhythmic cadences give phrases a distinctive ending, which can, for example, indicate to the listener whether the piece is to be continued or concluded. In an accordion class last summer I was taught that if you learn the cadences which you hear in Klezmer music you'll always have a place to catch up with the band, even if you don't know the piece. —Elena

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