I was born in . . . oh, you don’t want to go that far back.

Professionally I’m a designer—mostly in print although I’ve been involved in interior design projects as well. I’ve done signage and trade show booths, point of purchase and 4’x6′ posters. I’ve done web design and I am currently working on creating really beautiful and highly functional websites using WordPress that are easy for the client to maintain. I’ve done a lot of work with brand recognition both from the visual as well as the  cultural. Currently I am the creative director at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health where I work with a wonderful group of people to create a vast array of marketing materials in a variety of media.

Musically Two years ago I fell in love with the accordion after a very long hiatus from participation in music (other than listening). I have been a combination of self-taught and scattered lessons with some wonderful teachers. I play weekly with the Pamelech Klezmer Orkester (an amateur group of music lovers focusing on Klezmer tunes as well as some standards, Sephardic songs and anniversary tunes — we do a great “happy birthday.”). I’ve also become interested in using my voice. Singing is the scariest and it is also a lot of fun. Putting the two together is almost impossible at the moment but eventually I’ll get there.

More later….